Black Friday is around the corner and fitness enthusiasts, we got you covered.  We’ve scoured the internet, consulted our favorite wellness experts and have culled some of the hottest exercise-related gifts of the season.  Read on to see our top 5 gift ideas for those who love to sweat!

One of the best things about living in the Mt. Pleasant & Charleston area is that we can train outdoors every month of the year.  The issue is that while it often feels chilly at the onset of your workout, by the time you’ve exercised for about five minutes, you’re a sweaty mess.  Men’s Health has found the solution in what they deem the season’s best training jacket:

1. North Face Hyper Air GTX

“Most weather proof jackets become sweat lodges when you’re training hard. This one has Gore-Tex Active, a new fabric that’s both waterproof and very breathable. On our long, rainy trail run, this exceptionally lightweight shell kept us nice and dry on the outside and inside.”

For those outdoor fitness enthusiasts who love camping but also love their water sports, transporting equipment often becomes a problem.  Men’s Journal has the perfect solution:

2. NRS Baron

Whether you’re hardcore or just getting into it, paddleboarding offers a real workout that’s also a fun way to get around the water. An inflatable paddleboard that rolls up into a backpack, this one is long, wide, and built to support paddlers up to 275 lbs, while still being speedy for river running, touring, fitness paddling, or even yoga. Removable, interchangeable fins let you customize its tracking and turning.”

We’ve already raved about the benefits of pre and post-workout foam rolling.  For athletes who need a little athletic tension release at the gym, try’s favorite roller, small enough to stuff in your gym bag: 

3. Trigger Point GRID Mini Foam Roller

“Trigger Point Performance’s Grid Mini has a quilted surface to unkink your favorite runner’s tense muscles.”

Athletes tired of lugging a purse or wallet into the gym or cramming pockets for a run will rejoice when they receive Everyday Healths recommendation:

4. Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Water Bottle

“This water bottle is everything the minimalist in your life will need. Unclick the button in the middle to reveal a secret compartment that fits keys, cash, and credit cards. Simply walk out of the door with this BPA-free bottle and you’ll be set for the day.”

And finally, for those stray-haired and sweaty-browed workout warriors, Self Magazine has the ultimate stylish solution.  And the coolest thing is that you can customize each headband with your own quote:

5. RunTechnology Eat Sleep Run Repeat Tempo Performance Headband

“Your giftee can wear this convertible headband wide or narrow—and it won’t budge either way.”

And of course for those DUFF enough, be sure to check out our brand new T-shirts and tanks, which are cool enough to wear even when you’re not working out!  See one of us at the front desk to get your own! For more gift ideas or where to find these fantastic fitness-related gifts, be sure to click on the links.