DUFF specializes in one on one personal training. We take tremendous pride in developing individualized programming, exercises, workouts and progressions in order to get our clients to their goals. Our personal trainers at DUFF Training are hands down the BEST in the Mount Pleasant and Charleston area, not to mention South Carolina and the rest of the world! There are no “cookie cutter” programs here, whatever your goals are, we will create a unique system for YOU.

We also specialize in Partner Personal Training, so if you have a friend, spouse or someone who you’d love to train with, we’d love to get you all started!

Some of the areas of concentration that we help our clients with on a daily basis include:

  • Weight Loss

  • Body Fat Loss

  • Lose Inches

  • Tone and Firm

  • Increase Core Strength

  • Become More Functionally Strong and Mobile

  • General Health and Wellness

  • Increase In Flexibility

  • Sports Performance

  • Increase Energy

  • Increase Confidence

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The DUFF group class program created by Charleston personal trainer, Andrew Duffy is a unique workout that encompasses a wide variety of hybrid training methods. Unlike most small group training programs and boot camps, DUFF incorporates different fitness levels and modifications for every exercise. This helps to ensure you’ll see maximum results from your workouts in a safe manner without risking injury. Hands-on coaching is provided with particular attention to exercise form and technique.

Work at your own level and be motivated and pushed to provide your best effort by the top trainers in the Charleston area.

ALL FITNESS LEVELS ARE WELCOME!!  It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to exercise or have been “in the game” for years, all DUFF classes will challenge you for your particular and individual needs. 

No one class is ever the same!  This keeps the body guessing and in turn never hitting a plateau, which will without a doubt change the shape of your body!  DUFF takes our classes through different periodizations of focus every 4 weeks to make sure that the body never gets accustomed to the same type of training. DUFF boasts a huge 5,500 square foot facility in the heart of Mount Pleasant.  You name it, we got it!  Come and check us out!


Kids DUFF is our youth program here at Duffy’s Ultimate Functional Fitness in Mount Pleasant, SC.  Our youth is our future, and we at DUFF believe that the health and wellness of our younger generation is one of the most important aspects in our field.  Our Kids DUFF classes were developed to encourage, promote, and teach a general healthy lifestyle for young boys and girls.  With the Charleston schools cutting back on physical education these days, it is more important than ever to make sure that our children don’t miss out on a healthy lifestyle.

Kids DUFF is structured for boys and girls ages 6 to 11.  Ages 12 and up are ready for regular DUFF class unless they would like to try out our kids class!  We cover several different aspects in our Kids program including (but not limited to) the teachings of correct exercise form and technique, how to be functionally sound within everyday human and athletic movement, becoming faster, stronger, and more agile, as well as proper nutrition. Each Kids class is very different.  Some days we will focus on more bodyweight style movements, other days may have a little bit more cardiovascular exercises.  We also work on strength movements but in a safe manner without a lot of external weights.  Other classes may incorporate some sports influenced exercises such as jumping, hand-eye-coordination, and agility work.  We even introduce some gymnastic style movements which will get our teens ready for anything! Our kids classes here at DUFF are not just for athletes.  Every child in the Charleston area is welcome, and nobody will ever be left behind.  Our instructors create an environment which is very fun and creative to where it doesn’t feel as if they are working out. We also promote team building as many of our sessions are structured to have the kids work together.

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