Not Crossfit, Better Than Bootcamp: DUFF with Dumbbells

One of the concepts that separates DUFF training from other group exercise classes  and other gyms in Mount Pleasant is the use of dumbbells. Wether your goal is weight loss, reducing body fat, tone up, or to simply increase your overall health, dumbbells are the key. A lot of gyms will have group exercise classes but are limited to the equipment that they use. It is rare that bootcamps will have dumbbells that will be incorporated in the workout as we do at our gym. Some of the many ways that we utilize them include both lower and upper body exercises, along with very functional exercise such as weighted bear crawls just to name one specific exercise. Our bootcamp style group classes at DUFF are constantly changing which consistently challenges the body and therefor elicits change. The independent weights of using dumbbells works even the smaller muscles as it is a challenge to stabilize the weights throughout movement. I’ve been to a lot of other bootcamp style workouts in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant area and it seems that most are missing the mark by not utilizing independent free weights. Come by our facility and see why DUFF is the premiere bootcamp for weight loss, body transformation, increase strength, and overall health in all of Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding Charleston area!

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