Not Crossfit, Better Than Bootcamp…DUFF on Cardio

As we all should know, a well designed workout regimen should include both resistance aspects along with cardiovascular exercises. One of the first things that someone should look into a workout program, whether it is a bootcamp, group exercise class, crossfit, regular gym, or any other specialty fitness facility is if their program includes cardiovascular pieces as well. For the majority of people, their fitness and health goals include weight loss, reducing their body fat and having (or increasing) lean muscle. We at DUFF in Mount Pleasant are hyper-focused on getting results for our clients. We know that weight loss and body transformation is a huge part of most people’s drive to come to the gym each and every day. Our workouts are designed specifically for weight loss while maintaining and also increasing (for those who want it) lean muscle. The combination of doing resistance exercises along with cardio influenced exercises is what separates us from other facilities and bootcamps. There are very specific ways to coordinate these workouts within a session to make the results most beneficial. During our group exercise classes at DUFF, you will soon feel the difference and the positive effect of combining resistance and cardio!

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