Not Crossfit, Better Than Bootcamp….DUFF on Teen and Kids Fitness

At our gym DUFF, one of our special pieces to what makes us such a unique fitness facility is our teen fitness and our kids fitness classes. There are many reasons why we started up our teen exercise and kids exercise classes here at DUFF. Let’s face it, the children of today are being born into a society of what is easier and faster, no matter what the outcome. Touch button this, smart phone that, limited or even no gym classes at school, video games that suck them in for hours on end, you name it….society is making our kids lazy. Seeing the need for fitness for teens and for kids even younger than teenagers, we have developed our 6-10 year old kids fitness class, and also our 11-15 year old teen exercise class. These group exercise classes are constructed to not only get kids and teens moving and burning calories, but also to learn the basics of functional fitness and also the importance of why to be physically fit and healthy.

We also offer personal training for kids and teens for those individuals who might have some specific goals or situations to where individualized attention is needed. Our gym here in the heart of Mount Pleasant, SC is very family friendly and a lot of the times you will see mom or dad having a personal training session while their son or daughter is taking part in a kids or teen fitness class. ¬†We make our youth fitness classes very fun where we make it to where it doesn’t feel like it is exercise. There are challenges, games, partner or group involvement, obstacle courses, you name it and we do it! We of course talk about the importance of correct nutrition to go along with exercise and make it a point not to highlight weight loss at such a young age. We teach all of the tools that our youth needs to maintain or get to a healthy weight, but we realize that weight loss is a sensitive subject.

If our teen or youth exercise program at DUFF in Mount Pleasant, sounds like something your child would benefit from, please give us a call or fill out our web form. Please do the same if you are interested in our personal training or our adult group classes.