Top 10 Reasons Why DUFF Day ROCKS

  1. KILLER Competition!  Show the other teams who’s boss when you dominate in categories like bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, kettle bells, cardiovascular movements, skill work, and total body endurance.  Doors open and registration begin at 8.
  2. ENDLESS Fitness.  Team workouts will begin at 9 with another following at 10 & a third at 1.
  3. KIDS Conquer!  We didn’t forget the small and mighty!  Kids competitions including obstacle courses and youth-based workout challenges run from 11-12:30.
  4. RAD Rewards!  The top 3 finishing teams get bags brimming with swag from Athleta, Stella & Dot, Pleasant Family Dentistry, FitAid, SFH Protein, Play It Again Sports, as well as cash prizes!
  5. CRAZY Costumes!  Don’t expect us to be donning our typical gym gear.  This is Halloween!  Come decked in your favorite costume for a Costume Contest at the end of the day (but note that costumes are not required…just more fun!).  Prizes will be awarded!
  6. FREE Food!  Moe’s is providing free fuel for your workouts!  Join us for some of our favorite Southwestern fare!
  7. SWEET Specialists!  Ideal Lifestyle Practice will be doing free spine assessments!
  8. CRUCIAL Cause!  DUFF Day isn’t all just fun and games!  Proceeds from DUFF Day are being donated to The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (The Leading Global Organization funding T1D research aimed at curing Type 1 Diabetes).
  9. AWESOME Afterparty!  After a hard workout, who wouldn’t want a tall cold one? Join us next door at Two Blokes Brewing to cool down and enjoy some locally crafted beer.
  10. BRAGGING Rights!  Who else will be able to boast that they spent their Saturday getting fit and winning prizes with their friends?

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