While those of us who spend lots of time in the gym know that cross-training is the most effective way to work out, did you know that it’s also essential for competitive athletes?  Men’s Health defines cross-training as “the method of combining several different workout strategies (for instance, body building, track and field, and boxing) for a single, comprehensive training session. Cross-training approaches are also becoming more and more popular in the military, NFL and NBA.”

And why is cross-training so effective? WebMD quotes Professional athletic trainer Jim Thornton, MA, ATC, who states “Cross-training takes into consideration the fact that many muscles in different parts of the body contribute to a single activity. So to get the most out of any activity, and to do it safely, you must pay attention to all the muscles in your body that are involved, not just the ones directly related to that activity.”

Runners World goes even further, “If you ask 10 other runners to name a benefit of cross-training, at least 8 of them will mention injury prevention. But although injury prevention is by far the most widely recognized benefit of cross-training among runners, it’s hardly the only one. Runners can also use cross-training to rehabilitate injuries, improve fitness, promote recovery, enhance motivation, rejuvenate the mind and body during breaks from formal training, enjoy competing in other endurance sports, and even stay fit through pregnancy. Related to the benefit of injury prevention, cross-training can also prolong your [athletic] career.”

The movement towards cross-training has hit the Charleston area as well.  We are honored and excited to welcome Wando’s Women’s Lacrosse team at DUFF!  In order to prepare for the 2017 season, these rockstar Mount Pleasant athletes have been training with DUFF up to twice a week, combining cardio, strength building exercises, team-building games and more.

After a trip to the to the 2016 SC State Tournament (ultimately finishing 5th)—the LAX ladies are well on the way to another awesome season and DUFF is thrilled to be a part of the journey.