Top 5 reasons why you should take advantage of DUFF’s New Client Special

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Hopefully by now you have heard about DUFF’s New Year Special: For new clients (or those who have been inactive for 2 months or more), DUFF is offering 2 months of unlimited classes for $150.  That means access to 6 heart-pounding, core-engaging, cardio-infused, FUN group fitness classes a week (bringing the cost of each class to about $3 a class!!!).  If that isn’t reason enough to convince you, read our list of reasons why DUFF group fitness ROCKS:

  1. You will get individualized attention while working out in a group setting. Our trainers are specialized in many areas of fitness and take great care to help clients of ALL fitness levels modify and adapt workouts to fit individualized needs. As we say on our website, “DUFF is unlike any other workout program in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, or anywhere else in South Carolina.” Our motto is “Exclude No One, Include Everyone, Fitness For All!”
  2. Our group fitness classes are FUN. One client puts it this way: “ It’s cliché to say, but there are days when it’s so fun it doesn’t feel like exercise. Their is so much variety like beach workouts, rope climbing, obstacle courses, running, lifting, jumping, etc…
  3. The DUFF community feels like Family.  According to our client Jeff, “I have never seen an atmosphere where everyone encourages and cheers for the others in class the way they do in these classes.”
  4. There’s a workout for everyone’s schedule. We offer 27 opportunities to workout a week, from 6am to 6pm every day but Sunday. 
  5. DUFF classes lead to healthy habits!  It’s the perfect way to launch into a new year!