It’s February, and that means that we are deep in the throes of our Fitness Challenge.  You Duffnatics have been working hard in the gym, coming to group fitness classes, weight training, fitting in your cardio and working on healthy eating.  We are SO PROUD of you all!  And from our records, all of your hard work is paying off!  We can see it in the numbers, but we can also see it from the spring in your step.  You’re walking around Charleston and Mount Pleasant a little lighter and a LOT stronger.  It feels GOOD to be fit!

So how can you stay on top of your fitness once this challenge is over?  We obviously recommend maintaining your workout routine…and what better way to stay on top of it all?  With your smart phone, of course!  Here are a few of our favorite fitness apps that will not only help inspire you to keep up the good work at the gym, but also to give you inspiration to take your fitness even further! (and bonus: every app we recommend is FREE!)

  1. Charity Miles

Get your cardio in for a cause According to their website, Charity Miles has earned over $2 million with sponsors like Johnson & Johnson, Humana and Chobani, who donate money every mile users run, walk or bike while using their app.

Click on this link to download the app.

(source PC Magazine)

2. See How You Eat

Want an easy, Instagram-inspired way to track your daily meals?  Check out See How you Eat, the new app that gives you meal feedback, sends you meal reminder texts, helps you with portion sizes, tracks your moods and gives you nutrition tips. 

Click on this link to download the app.

(source Redbook Magazine)

3. Calm

A huge percentage of fitness actually stems from wellness, that balance between mind and body.  During moments of downtime, it’s easy to let your mind fill up with to-do’s and tasks which can help increase stress…which believe it or not, is TERRIBLE for your overall fitness.  The answer?  Taking a few minutes to focus your mind and relax.  Calm is a mindfulness meditation app that offers a unique meditation and inspiration every day as well as meditation timers, peaceful imagery and music and with a subscription, guided meditations on topics ranging from stress management to better sleep to focus & self-esteem. 

Click on this link download the app.

(source Mens Fitness)