If you read last week’s post, you know that we have spent time searching out the best active swimwear for those DUFFNATICS around Mount Pleasant and Charleston who are as active at the beach as they are at the gym.  Since last week was dedicated to the ladies, this week we’ve found the best sporting suits for those guys out there who want to do more than just work on their tans!


Our priorities here were to focus on comfort, mobility, and sun protection…we know that chaffing “down-there” can take the best day ever and turn it into agony…so with that in mind, here are some of our favorites. 

(note: Men’s Health has an awesome online article about the “5 Rules for Wearing Swim Trunks This Summer” which offers sage advice like “DON’T: Wear Them Baggy—A slim guy in oversized clothing, whether it’s a suit or a swimsuit, looks emaciated. If you can fit more than a bottle of sunscreen between your shorts and your leg, they’re too wide. Plus, you risk giving your junk an unfortunate cameo when you sit.”)  Touché! 

Best Swimwear for Running:

Hydrovolley w/Compression Jammer ($50.00) by Speedo: No longer just for Michael Phelps types (and the occasional old dudes rocking the bikini), Speedo has expanded their collection to include some great workout-to-the-water options that include compression, rip-stop fabric and UV 50 protection.


Best Swimwear for Paddling/Surfing:

The surf-experts at Surfer Today explain that the stiff non-flexible shorts of the old days are long gone: “The popularity of boardshorts is a consequence of the surfing lifestyle. The surf industry has been developing new materials, so that trunks get more flexible and lightweight during each wave ride.”

With that in mind, the people at Surfer’s Village recommend the Phantom Hyperweave Motion Stripe Elite shorts ($150) by Hurley because of the stretchy waistband and “Ultra-stretch side panels” that compliment movement: “[It has] the most technical waistband of the shorts we examined, coupled with high-performance, stretchy, recycled polyester material make it a top performer.”


Best Swimwear for Working Out on the Beach:

Masters of multitasking, Lululemon has knocked it out of the park with their T.H.E. Short (H2O) ($78.00). With a flexible waist, drawstring, pockets and extra lining, these shorts seriously cover all the bases.  The swift-mesh fabric is not only quick drying and stretchy, it’s chlorine-resistant for those quick post-beach dips in the pool.



While we know you guys are perfectly comfortable rocking a bare chest while working out, it can be prudent to throw on a shirt from time-to-time, especially to block out harmful UV rays.  But how to choose a rash-guard that doesn’t cling or chafe?  Here are two of our favorites:

Roots Loose Fit Short Sleeve Rashguard ($39) by Dakine: Styled more like a t-shirt than a rashguard, this is a great option for traveling to and from the beach.  It offers UPF 50+


The 50 Men’s Surf Long Sleeve Shirt ($50) by Under Armour:  Lightweight and made with anti-odor technology, this UPF 50+ shirt will work well in the water and working out.  The fit is snug but not skintight.