In the spirit of the Fourth of July, we’ve dedicated this post to all that is great about American fitness!  While there will be celebrations rocking all over Mount Pleasant and Charleston, we have ways that you can celebrate our nation of greatness (and feel good about indulging in some patriotic decadence)!!!

There is no reason why this day of celebration can’t begin with some fitness-related fun. 

Read our top 5 tips for having a healthy (and FUN!) Fourth of July!

1.Rock out to some great tunes.

Shape Magazine features the perfect patriotic playlist guaranteed to get your heart rate up and your spirit soaring.  Check out this LINK for this FREE playlist that includes artists like Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, James Brown, Miley Cyrus and more.

2. Do an American-Inspired workout.

Get a quick calorie burn you can do at home before you barbecue. Self Magazine has some freedom-celebrating moves like Firecracker Lunges and Starburst.  Click HERE to get the full workout.

3. Bring it to the beach.

Get your sweat-on while you’re beaching it.  Active recommends barefoot sprints.  Amp it up and include your family in some friendly competition.  Create a start and finish line using driftwood or rocks and challenge everyone with shuttle sprints and 100-yard-dashes.  Still have more to burn?  Pepper in some plyometrics with a family burpee challenge (burpee ’til you drop, y’all!), tuck jumps and single-leg hops.  You’ll have everyone sweating in no time!

4. Get cooking in the kitchen.

PopSugar gets creative in the kitchen with these moves: “Chopping, cooking, and prepping your barbecue fare can be a great workout for your arms, but for even more of a workout, add some lower-body moves to your cooking to burn even more calories. Do one of these basic exercises [like squats, lunges, and pushups] while you’re waiting for the water to boil, and finish with these stretches [Click HERE] you can do in your kitchen.”

5. Indulge in the GOOD stuff.

Nothing compliments the salty goodness of meats on the grill like something sweet.  But just because food is sweet doesn’t mean it has to be loaded with artificial additives and sugars.  Instead follow Health Fitness Revolution’s recommendations—keep your sweets fresh and your beverages clean: “This is the season when tons of fresh fruit is available from the grocery, farmers markets, and fruit stands! Cut up strawberries and melon or grill peaches, pineapple or bananas to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding unnecessary processed sugar. [AND] Instead of providing sugar filled sodas to guests, make healthy variations such as home-made iced tea sweetened with agave nectar, or even sparkling cucumber water!” 

If you’re craving some alcoholic libations, we recommend steering towards alcoholic drinks with the lowest alcohol content—which translates to the fewest calories. Men’s Fitness lists the  “six beers are perfectly suited for several hours of drinking while you hang; they’re all low in calories and alcohol.”  These include small craft creations like Evil Twin Brewery, Kent Falls, and Creature Comforts.  Click HERE for the full article.

Favoring the harder stuff?  Glamour Magazine has a great set of low-cal cocktail recipes including Mojitos and Sour Apple Martinis. Click HERE for their great ideas.