With October in full swing here in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, we’re gearing up for our favorite annual event:


Saturday, November 4th from 9am-1pm

(ages 6 & up!)

WHY should YOU AND YOUR FAMILY should join us for our Third Annual DUFF DAY? 

Here are THREE REASONS why DUFF Day is a Must-Do on November 4th:

Family Competition is GOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR KIDS!

At DUFF we all like to put family first, which is why this year at DUFF DAY we are creating family competitions where kids will compete alongside their parents!  This is the perfect way to get everyone’s heart rates up (and to burn off some of that excess Halloween candy!) According to Aha Parenting, by working out together as a family, you’re not only getting exercise, “you’re also getting your child hooked on an active lifestyle, which is a great counter-balance to all that screen-time in our lives. Kids who are physically active into the preteen and teen years are 75% less likely to be overweight when they’re grown.”

DUFF Day supports an AMAZING CAUSE!

A percentage of our proceeds goes towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (or JDRF).  According to JDRF’s website, “JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Our mission is to accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications. To accomplish this, JDRF has invested nearly $2 billion in research funding since our inception.”  Click HERE for an amazing and inspiring video that explains exactly what JDRF does. 

Come for the workout, LEAVE WITH THE SWAG!

We aren’t all work(outs) and no play at DUFF Day! Not only will we have food and beverages from our favorite local vendors, everybody who registers will leave with a goody-bag full of awesomeness!  And for everyone that wants to keep the party going, we’re hosting a post-workout celebration at Two Blokes Brewing immediately following events at the gym!