We work hard all year.  Even in areas like Mount Pleasant and Charleston, with all of their tempting restaurants and local libations, we walk the straight and narrow…MOST of the time.  But as we leave October (scream: HALLOWEEN CANDY) and move into November and December, much of our hard-earned work and steely willpower will go out the window.  We are entering a time that we refer to as: THE EATING SEASON.

With our first obstacle directly in front of us this week, we thought it prudent to give you some tips on how to temper the temptation to gorge on candy corn, chocolate and candied apples.

Here are some of our favorite TRICKS TO AVOID OVEREATING ON HALLOWEEN from our favorite experts.

Candy Crush Tip #1: Timing is Everything

The smart people at Reader’s Digest remind you that JUST BECAUSE Publix has been promoting Halloween candy for months doesn’t mean that you have to load-up ahead of time.  Susan Albers, PsyD, a psychologist and author of the book Eating Mindfully, explains: “If you’re stocking up for trick-or-treaters, minimize the number of days the candy is in your house beforehand. Research shows just looking at food triggers the circuitry in our brains that makes us imagine eating it.  If you’ve already bought candy, keep it out of sight in the back of your pantry until your doorbell starts ringing. Also, many stores offer steep discounts on candy in the days following Halloween—resist the urge to buy just because it’s on sale!”  And on the flip side, we recommend you GET THAT CANDY OUT OF THERE once the festivities are over.  Click HERE for places around the LowCountry accepting Halloween candy donations.

Candy Crush Tip #2: Avoid Temptation

Better Homes and Garden consulted Jane Hemminger, R.D., L.D., who suggests  “Select[ing] trick-or-treat candy that you don’t personally enjoy.  Then you won’t be tempted to eat it.”

The article continues to explain, “Not a coconut fan? Buy coconut-filled chocolate candy for your trick-or-treaters. Or maybe nut-filled treats don’t tempt you — Snickers or peanut M&Ms may be a good solution for your candy dish.”

Candy Crush Tip #3: Fight Sugar with Sugar

Psychology Today asked Jen Wittman of TheHealthyPlate.org what she does on Halloween and she suggests that instead of starving yourself to “make room” for all that candy coming your way, fight of your cravings with sugar. “It may sound counterintuitive but actually having healthier sweet treats keeps me away from Halloween candy. Our Halloween tradition: a bowl of homemade chili topped with avocado to keep blood sugar balanced and cravings at bay + a mug of warm spiced apple cider. Spiced cider comforts, warms and aids digestion while knocking out sweet cravings.”

Candy Crush Tip #4: Remember that Alcohol is Sugar Too

CNN reminds us that while we may not be shoveling in the candy, Witches’ Brew can do as much damage to your diet as the sweet stuff.  But instead of skipping out on all of the fun, play with your portions:  “Because it’s a long night of waiting for the doorbell to ring, there is an easy trick to fool yourself into drinking less: Try a skinnier glass.  Scientists at Iowa State University watched how much people pour and learned people struggle to assess volume, tending to focus more on the vertical rather than the horizontal measures.  Participants poured around 12% more wine into a wide glass than a standard one.  Drink from a narrower glass and you’ll only think you are drinking more. Plus, you’ll get a little exercise if you do have to get up for that refill.”

Candy Crush Tip #5: Create a Healthy Diversion

US News & World Reports recommends that we stock up on healthy snacks that can act as a diversion from the bad stuff: “Serve up popcorn, roasted pumpkin seeds, sliced apples, and fruit with nice dips.”

Candy Crush BONUS Tip: Work it Off!

Of course we would be remiss to leave out our FAVORITE way to crush that candy, by WORKING OUT!  What better way to sweat out all of that sugar than by joining us for DUFF DAY at the gym this SATURDAY 9-1!   We will be hosting team competitions and fun workouts fit for adults AND kids (6+).  Join us afterwards for local eats and drinks, great vendors and a post-event-party at Two Blokes Brewing! 

Go to our page on the MindBody App for tickets!