’Tis the season where Christmas lights are up all over Charleston and Mount Pleasant!  Thanksgiving is over, you’ve survived Black Friday and it’s time to start nailing down your annual gift list.  Fear not!  We have listed our TOP 5 FAVORITE gifts for your fitness-loving-friends! 

Gift Guide Rec #1: The North Face RUNNERS 2 ETIP™ GLOVE


We love Men’s Fitness’s recommendation of some great gloves.  Running outside during LowCountry winters can be challenging.  You don’t want to bundle up too much because you will inevitably get too hot…but skimping on the layers and you’ll freeze.  The North Face has come up with a solution for frosty fingers: “Tackle the problem of chronically cold hands during long runs with this midweight, weather-resistant fleece running glove that’s easy to layer for added versatility.” And now you don’t have to take off your gloves to change your playlist or answer a text mid-run: “Built-in touchscreen conductivity allows you to wear these fleece gloves while handling electronic devices.”  Note that according to the reviews, these unisex gloves run big, so you might want to size down.

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Gift Guide Rec #2: Monkey Light M232 – 200 Lumen – Bike Wheel Light


Charleston’s mild climate allows us to be outside 24/7, even in the winter months…and if some you love is into cycling, that means that s/he might be riding in the dark.  No fear.  LiveScience recommends a super-cool solution, the Monkey Light.  According to MonkeyLectric, “Monkey Light is the world leader in bike wheel lights. Our products are the brightest and most durable on the market, providing 360 degree visibility for commuter cyclists. Each model includes color and theme choices for everyone – from bright safety colors to amazing disco party effects. Safety has never been this much fun! All lights are IP67 waterproof, designed for daily use in all weather conditions.”  Design your own display with 42 style options and 16 colors. Themes range from rainbow swirls to skulls to stars.

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Gift Guide Rec #3: Paderno 4-Blade Spiralizer


Help your loved one make pasta night one of the healthiest nights of the week with Fitness  Magazine’s recommendation: the Paderno 4-Blade Spiralizer.  Instead of noodles, you can make a pile of gorgeous zoodles!  According to Williams Sonoma,“Equipped with four blades, this Paderno Spiralizer transforms vegetables into thin ‘angel-hair’ strands as well as spiral cuts, shoestrings and ribbon ‘noodles.’ Another plus is an accessory for creating accordion cuts.”  And be sure to check out great Zoodle recipes from Shape by clicking HERE.

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Gift Guide Rec #4: InSpyr Socks


Give the gift of inspirations with these awesome socks from Inspyrgear.  With messages like “Courage”, “Hustle” and “Never Fear”, your loved one won’t be the only one getting pumped up at the gym!  Styles range from Ankle to Crew.

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Gift Guide Rec #5: PainPod 3


Have someone in your life who pushes pain to the limit?  Get them the PainPod.  According to Forbes, “PainPod is FDA listed and claims to be able to “change the face of medicine as we know it”. The gadget is powered by a combination of microcurrents and biomedical technology that its makers state is not available on any other device available to the public right now. The bioelectrical tech is able to understand our peripheral nervous and body systems and how they actually work to manage pain, improve performance and speed recovery. Just slap it on an area that’s n pain and it will work its magic to get you back in tip-top shape.”

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