We don’t know about you but we are still glowing in the aftermath of our DUFFTASTIC Holiday Oyster Roast.  DUFFNATICS from all over Mount Pleasant and Charleston came to the gym with their favorite holiday dishes, we ate oysters and sipped libations…let’s just say it was a very merry evening!  But we also have to admit that we’re in a bit of a FOOD COMA which led us to wonder, is there a way to do holiday decadence without all the guilt?

The short answer:  not totally!  It’s important to let go and have some great food and drink on occasion.  BUT in the era of a holiday party (or two!) each and every weekend in the month of December it’s important to find a way around all of these holiday CALORIES…and lucky for us, our favorite experts provided! 

Read on to get 5 healthy takes on Holiday Desserts.

(note that all of these desserts are UNDER 200 CALORIES per serving!)

Healthy Holiday Dessert #1: REAL Coconut Snowballs

Amber from Dessert Now, Dinner Later! shares one of her favorite kid-friendly recipes on SuperHealthyKids.com:


To see the recipe online, click HERE.

Healthy Holiday Dessert #2: Strawberry Santa Hats

The Snack Girl found this adorable recipe on the California Strawberry Facebook Page: “Santa Hats are fun to make and SO much easier than making Christmas cookies. No mixing and baking here! Just slice and add some whipped cream.”


To see the recipe online, click HERE.

Healthy Holiday Dessert #3: Buttermilk Pralines

Health Magazine has devised a brilliant alternative to this typically rich treat: “Shhh. Don’t tell anyone our version has a fraction of the fat and calories of a traditional praline. Even better, they last up to two weeks in an airtight container.”


To see the recipe online, click HERE.

Healthy Holiday Dessert #4: Candied Pumpkin Seeds

Healthy Green Kitchen recommends a treat that is as savory as it is sweet: “These fiber and zinc-rich goodies are perfect for topping salads and side dishes. They are also wonderful eaten on their own.”


To see the recipe online, click HERE.

Healthy Holiday Dessert #5: Chocolate Yule Log

Cooking Light, the masters of making decadent treats decent has transformed this Christmas classic into something actually healthy…ish: “We’ve managed to transform naughty numbers into nice with this incredibly rich dark-chocolate sponge cake filled with a delicate, yogurt-lightened whipped cream. We cut sugar in half, letting the intensity of the chocolate in the sponge cake shine—go ahead and splurge on a higher-quality bar for this recipe. The thick, creamy texture of Greek yogurt complements the whipped cream quite perfectly, with a fraction of the sat fat and calories. Skip the powdered sugar dusting, and use fresh raspberries, mini pinecones, fresh pine needles, or even fresh mint to decorate. Add 1⁄4 teaspoon peppermint extract to the whipped cream filling for a cool, minty kick.”

chocolate yule log

To see the recipe online, click HERE.