Clearly we at DUFF believe that Group Fitness is one of the BEST THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR BODY!  We have clients from all over Mount Pleasant and Charleston to make the commitment to show up regularly and sweat it out with the amazing community we’ve built!

For those of you thinking about trying a class, read these Group Fitness DO’s and DON’TS!


Men’s Journal reminds us of one of the reasons why group fitness rocks—the relationships you form!  MJ quotes Trainer Jonny Edward of Denver’s Pure Vita Fitness:  “DO Introduce yourself. “Many friendships have been forged by the agony and triumph of high-rep burpees, deadlifts, and Tabata circuits.”  And we must say, DUFF has some of the smartest, funniest and overall awesome clients in town! 


And on the flip side, MJ reminds us that we don’t need to “bring your ego.”  There is no Olympic Gold Medal for machismo.  The greatest thing about working out in a group is that we’re all in it together, no matter what fitness level we’re working at.  The more open we are to our own ability to grow as athletes (instead of showing off what we can do already), the more effective our workouts will be!  DUFF is an inviting place that inspires people to reach their highest potential, no matter where they are on their workout journey. 


Especially if you’re new to a class, it’s a great idea to show up a few minutes early to class to prepare yourself for your workout.  The Nutritious Life explains: “Many people like to sneak in late, but a lot of classes require equipment setup and if you don’t allow time for that, it’ll be harder to have a successful session.”  Plus remember those awesome clients we were talking about?  Getting to class early allows you to chat with your friends and get to know your classmates!


While we all have scheduling issues from time to time and NEED to leave class early on occasion, it’s important to still incorporate some post-workout cool-down.  This is especially true if your trainer has it built into the workout. explains: “Teachers who include stretching or cool-downs in their class don’t do it willy-nilly. Flexibility, mental focus, breathing recovery—these things all matter, and they can improve your performance during future sessions. Make the most of every minute of your time in the class, not just the sweaty ones.”


Keeping up a consistent workout routine is really important, and according to the National Institute for Fitness and Sport, group fitness classes are the PERFECT place to keep up that accountability.  “If you start to miss workouts, it will not go unnoticed, and you will have a large group of people there to help you stay on track.”  We’re your people!  We want you to keep up the pace with us!


But on the flip side, there is a difference between coming regularly and coming too much.  Take it from Shape Magazine, “A blessing can quickly become a curse when you get obsessed with your favorite class. But no matter how much you love [it], if you’re doing it six days a week and not adding in any other exercise elements, your body isn’t getting what it needs for optimal health…You’ll feel better than ever when you equally divide your workouts between flexibility, strength, cardio, and endurance. Not to mention a fit body needs rest…”  So be sure to kick back and relax some too…if you don’t, you may find yourself injured and unable to come at all!